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Short Term Care

Personalized care over a short period of a few days to a few months lets you recover well after an illness, injury or any other discomfort. It’s also an incentive for family caregivers to get some rest from they care of their loved-one to avoid feeling burned out and overwhelmed.


Entrust Home Care Solutions lets you recover conveniently in the warm comforts of your home with the help of experienced caregiving services in Indiana. Regardless of the type of injury or illness, our dedicated team of trained caretakers is equipped with the excellent skills to handle the crisis.        


Experience Comfort, Independence, and Safety with Trusted Caregivers 

Live life peacefully and independently with the right help on your side. Someone to aid you in every step of your ongoing medical treatment or post-op recovery. 

Short-term Home Care services are the answer if any of the following is your concern:

  • When you are in need of a helping hand

  • When you are in need of care after surgery

  • Care needed during and after dialysis treatments

  • Care needed during and after chemotherapy and other cancer treatments

  • Maintaining a routine

  • To assist during vacations or extended holidays

  • To ensure medications regimes are maintained while the primary caregiver is away

  • Help with daily tasks (Bathing, Dressing, Eating)

  • The daily commute to hospital and appointments

  • Cooking meals

  • To assist when changes in an individuals health status become more challenging to maintain alone


The benefits of short-term home care services are many, revolving around your needs. 

  • The caretakers helps to closely monitor any minor or significant changes in the patient’s health and manage their medications. You are always prepared for any unexpected changes in your medical condition. Short-term home caretakers coordinate and communicate with you and the doctors to stay constantly updated on your loved one’s health. 

  • Assistance in daily activities like bathing, eating, dressing, and walking. Comprehensive services like transportation, laundry, mild housekeeping, and laundry ensure a hygienic and comfortable environment for recovery.

Entrust Home Care Solutions has premium short-term home care solutions for your every caretaker need in Indianapolis. Rest assured, your loved ones are in good hands with reliable support and compassionate assistance.


We are here to support you in difficult times. Let us be the helping hand you can count on. Contact us to know more about how our services can be an excellent fit for you. 

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