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Non-Medical Companion Care

Advantages of Non-Medical Companion Care

 Companion Care or Live-in Care offers seniors living at home alone the necessary assistance to live a safer and more comfortable lifestyle. The benefits of companion care are tremendous and often times adds to the life span of the individual:


  • Ensures that the loved-on is never alone

  • Monitors for slips and falls around the home and especially while bathing

  • Promotes healthy eating to regulate blood sugar or blood pressure concerns

  • Promotes daily hygiene

  • Eases their daily routine

  • Offers companionship, mental stimulation, indoor and outdoor activities

  • Reduces the worries of daily chores around the house

  • Elevates stress on a family caregiver outside of the home

  • Keeps family and doctor updated with medication or medical concerns and catches it before it becomes a problem


Activities Curtailed in Non-Medical Companion Care

Non-medical help might not seem important to a young person, but it can add much frolic to the sad and glum days of someone living alone. To define what the services curtail, we can share the activities the individual would perform as a part of the companion services would be:

  1. Assisting with bathing and bathroom use.

  2. Performing basic cleaning tasks (dusting, straightening, doing laundry, etc.)

  3. Helping with meal preparation and cooking.

  4. Assisting in daily tasks such as sitting and standing, moving from room to room, dressing, and so on.

  5. Assisting with technology, such as returning phone calls or responding to emails.

  6. Providing transportation to doctor's appointments, errands, social engagements, family reunions, and trips, among other things.

  7. Providing pleasant company for the day


Such services are a manner of ensuring the safety and comfort of old age people that do not live with their families. You can always rest assured with non-medical companion care services of finding a good person who helps you spend your time with cheer.


Entrust Home Care Solutions offer services that provide a great companion to lift the spirits of your loved ones.

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