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Caregiver Coaching and Behavior Management

Caregiver Coaching and Behavior Management is a training and counseling service for unpaid caregivers. The purpose of Caregiver Coaching and Behavior Management is to enable the stabilization and continued community tenure of a Waiver participant by equipping the participant’s lay caregiver(s) with the necessary skills to manage the participant’s chronic medical conditions and associated behavioral health needs related to a cognitive impairment and/or dementia. 

Who is this for?

This is not a service provided directly to the waiver participant, but to their lay caregiver(s). This service allows family caregivers who are not eligible to participate in Structured Family Caregiving (i.e.) to access support. This service is available to any and all caregivers who are not served through structured family care.


Caregiver coaching and behavior management is a service targeted toward the informal caregiver to support their needs in order for the informal caregiver to continue supporting the waiver participant. The caregiver coach will assess any health and safety risks of the informal caregiver, or that the informal caregiver is concerned about, related to the waiver participant. These health and safety concerns will be documented in the person-centered service plan along with interventions to ensure health and safety. The interventions will be assessed during each bi-weekly visit between caregiver coach and informal caregiver, and modified as needed.

Covered Services

Initial consultation for assessment of the caregiver to determine initial coaching needs, and understand the caregiver’s goals, values, needs and strengths.


Caregiver Coaching and Behavior Management provided in the home of the participant, virtually ortelephonically and through HIPAA secure communication platforms that allow for real-time and asynchronous communication between caregivers and caregiver coaches and collaboration with Waiver case managers.

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