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End of Life Care

Losing a loved one is a life-altering experience we don’t wish upon anyone. However, life expectancy is a sad truth to bear. End-of-life home care services, are to ease the lives of those suffering from this harsh reality. We aim to provide the proper emotional/ physical support and assistance to anyone going through the last days of their life cycle. This creates a comfortable, peaceful, and positive environment for you and your loved one in your their most uncomfortably difficult time. 


Entrust Home Care solutions understand the responsibility of this role, and our caregivers are chosen to stand out on every aspect of hospitality it demands. 


End of Life Care: A Roadmap to Serenity in Adversity


“Palliative Care” or “Hospice Care” are another two sister branches to End of life care services. The idea of introducing such services was to address the physical care, emotional support, and spiritual needs of the loved ones who are going through the final stage of their terminal illness. 


  • Palliative care is support during the ongoing treatment of a severe illness like cancer. It might begin from as early as the initial stage of the treatment and may go on indefinitely, totally depending upon the patient’s recovery and needs.

  • Hospice Care is specifically for the patients who have discontinued their treatment and are prepared to embrace the last days of their lives. 


Our caregivers and companions are trained to nurture the individual and the family member(s) at the end stages of life  End of Life caretakers by:

·      Providing quality assistance in patient’s daily activities

·      Maintaining comfort-levels and managing pain

·      Nurturing each individual with mental stimulating conversations and a happy, hopeful environment

·      Daily home sanitation and housekeeping

·      Daily hygiene and physical upkeep

·      Assistance with eating and monitoring of loss of appetite

·      Coordinating with the concerned family members to keep them up-to-date. 


At Entrust Home Care Solutions, we have a dedicated team of caregivers customized care plans according to every patient and their families’ requirements. Services are multi-dimensional and extends to support our clientele with a practical and personalized approach for their well-being and comfort.


Why End of Life Home Care?


In-home end of life care services is driven by compassion and commitment to help. The departing ones need an enriching environment to bid their goodbyes with dignity and respect. Reliable End of life care services helps our seniors go on with their life independently and safely. Here are some key objectives of efficient End of Life Home Care Services:


-      Assistance with daily activities like bathing, eating, dressing etc.

-      Reliable housekeeping services like cleaning, cooking, laundry

-      Aiding to the patient’s desires and wishes

-      Supporting the patient and their family

-      Monitoring the patient closely

-      Improving quality of life

-      Imparting a sense of independence in life

-      Providing emotional support through Companionship        

-      Regular transportation services


Entrust Home Care Solutions have ideal caretaker personnel for your every need in end-of-life home care requirements in Indianapolis. Our caregivers strive to shoulder your responsibility so you and your loved ones get your own space in daily life.


For any queries regarding the range of our services for your unique needs, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team will contact you to arrange an in-person meeting with our caretakers and iron out all the details.

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