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Services We Offer

Entrust Home Care Solutions offers a range of personalized personal care assistance for disabled and elderly individuals, as well as those battling TBI, from the Northern to Southern Indiana area. Our services include:

Attendat Care

Our personal attendant care services include personal care assistance, domestic assistance, community assistance, physical assistance, rehabilitation.. Know More 

Entrust Home Care Solutions

Structured Family Care: Level 1, 2 and 3

The primary caregiver lives with the waiver client and receives financial compensation and benefits to care.. Know More

Companionship and Support

Many elderly individuals need support and companionship to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.. Know More


We offer advanced care support and care for those in need to improve the quality of their life.. Know More


Our homemaker assistance ensures your loved one leads a happy and healthy life by living as independently as possible in their own home.. Know More

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